Independent Research Confirms:

Low-Intensity Lo-LIGHT Lamp is the Best Light Therapy Lamp

Sunnex Biotechnologies' Lo-LIGHT therapy lamps using low intensity GreenLIGHT technology were determined to be the "best phototherapeutic device" in studies by the U.S. Air Force and Defence Research and Development Canada. See Ref

Harvard University Sleep Medicine researchers also recognized that Lo-LIGHT therapy lamps are the optimal light source for regulating human circadian rhythms. MORE on National Space Biomedical Research Institute project for NASA and the European Space Agency

Several clinical studies have found Lo-LIGHT therapy lamps highly effective in the treatment of depression. MORE

A number of research groups have demonstrated that 300 lux of GreenLIGHT from a Lo-LIGHT lamp has the same effect as 10,000 lux of white light from a bright light therapy lamp. Unlike 'bright light' or 'blue light' therapy lamps, low-intensity Lo-LIGHT lamps cannot harm the retina or contribute to the development of AMD .

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In North America, a no-risk rental program is available on some models. If the unit is purchased within 2 months from the time of rental, all rental payments are applied towards the purchase price. Order Now! Order Now!

The Sunnex Biotechnologies Lo-LIGHT phototherapy lamp comes with a two year warranty. Details