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Working at night adversely affects the health and performance of workers.

It is well established that night shift workers have significantly higher levels of health problems. Additionally, alertness and judgment of night shift workers are often impaired, and studies indicate this impairment exceeds the level of legally impaired drivers. A number of studies and research groups have claimed that both health problems and the level of impairment could be substantially reduced if the night shift worker's internal clock would be aligned with his work schedule, rather than the external envirionment. This can be accomplished by regulating the internal body clock with appropriate light exposure.

Improving Alertness and Performance of Night Shift Workers Safely and Comfortably

The effectiveness of the GreenLIGHT technology at low intensities makes this technology uniquely adaptable for use in the workplace. Not only is this low intesnity green light technology comfortable to use, but because GreenLIGHT lamps screen out the short wavelengths of light associated with the blue light hazard, these lamps present less ocular hazard than do normal fluorescent lamps used for ambient lighting.

HARVARD CONFIRMS - GreenLIGHT most effective light for regulating human circadian rhythms.

It has now been confirmed that the GreenLIGHT wavelengths emitted by Sunnex Biotechnologies Lo-LIGHT lamps are the most effective wavelengths for regulating circadian rhythms. As Dr. Czeisler, Director of the Sleep Medicine Division of Harvard University explained, "new information about the peak sensitivity of the human circadian system, determining that the most efficacious specialized light source should have a peak near 500nm (as opposed to ~470nm as the lamps produced by Philips Lighting, Eindhoven, Netherlands, as originally proposed), and therefore identifying such a new specialized light source for our studies; retrofitting our laboratory with specialized lamps (manufactured by Sunnex Biotechnologies, Winnipeg, MB, Canada) with a peak sensitivity near 500nm." [From NASA's Advanced Capabilities Division Research and Development Task Book - Evaluation of Photic Countermeasures for Circadian Entrainment of Neurobehavioral Performance and Sleep-Wake Regulation Before and During Spaceflight.]

Using low-intensity GreenLIGHT lamps, the U.S. Coast Guard developed a light management protocol to regulate circadian rhythms for a night work adaptation program,the Crew Endurance Management System(CEMS). This program, using GreenLIGHT lamps has been tested and found effective in trials on Coast Guard Cutters as well as commercial vessels operating on inland and coastal waterways. Based on the results of these trials, the U.S. Coast guard and the American Waterways Operators (AWO) agreed to implement the program on commerical vessels.

CEMS is generally a very broad and well designed program. As well as light management, CEMS includes nutritional education and guidelines, exercise programs, courtesy protocols including guidelines for noise reduction and darkness in sleeping quarters, and excellent protocols for crew training and implementation of the program. We agree that in addition to appropriate light exposure, these elements are essential for an effective night work counter-fatigue program.

See Using the GreenLIGHT System for counteracting night work fatigue and
Studies with GreenLIGHT lamps in the Workplace.


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